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Positive Placement
Positive Placement

Student success is one of the primary objectives of the Polysomnographic Technology program at Collin College. Positive placement and Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) exam pass rate are two of the ways we measure student success. Positive placement means that the graduate is employed full or part-time in the field of polysomnography; and/or continuing his/her education; and/or serving in the military.  

Positive placement for the last three years:
2014: 100%
2015: 100%
2016: 90% (AAS), 100% (Certificate)

Overall RPSGT exam pass rates for the last three years:
2014: 90%
2015: 100%
2016: 100% (AAS), 100% (Certificate)

*Note: 2014 was the first graduating class for the program. RPSGT exam pass rates are based on those graduates who have attempted the exam.

** Pass rates updated 2/17/17.


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