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Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies! We invite you to peruse this site to learn more about the courses we offer, to find answers to questions that you may have about the requirements for speech or mass communication courses, and to be introduced to our department faculty.

For general questions about our courses, check out the FAQs pages. For a more detailed summary of course policies and the relevant generic syllabi, take a look at the Courses section for Speech or Mass Communication. Want to know a little more about an instructor? The Faculty area provides brief bios and links to individual instructor Web sites. Upcoming events related to speech or mass communication take the stage in the Events section. For contact information, click any telephone on the site. To get back to a previous page, hit the Back button on your browser or the little microphone to go Home.

Interested in pursuing a communication career? Join Sigma Chi Eta -- The National Communication Association Student Honorary. For more information, contact

We have exciting new courses, dynamic faculty, and opportunities for students to connect and to work with media industry professionals in broadcasting, journalism, publishing, audio recording, advertising, and public relations.

Communication Studies majors offer students an exciting array of career choices -- from advertising and public relations to not-for-profit advocacy work,from radio talk-show hosting to careers in crisis response or legal mediation. If you're curious about the professional possibilities in any one of the four tracks of our field, contact us!

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