Disability Services









Students with disabilities seeking to request academic accommodations must first identify themselves to the ACCESS Office. Students will need to obtain and provide documentation of their disability that meets the specified guidelines and complete an ACCESS Application. For more detailed information see the General Information link on the right.

Student must be officially admitted to Collin College before starting the process below.

If you are a student or prospective student with a disability, these 4 steps will help you get on your way to receiving the help you need. Please note that the process below must be completed before ACCESS can provide any services. On average the process will take a minimum of two weeks to complete. If your documentation does not meet all requirements, there will be further delays. Please start the process early so you will have your accommodations in place before the start of the semester.

  1. Complete an ACCESS Application
  2. A meeting with an ACCESS advisor will be scheduled once documentation has been received.
  3. Meet with an ACCESS advisor for an intake session and initial documentation review.
  4. Submit any additional documentation or information (as needed).
  5. Meet with advisor to complete the ACCESS enrollment process. This meeting will be scheduled by ACCESS staff following review of documentation and application.


Students who provide documentation but do not complete the intake process or are not admitted to Collin College are not eligible to receive accommodations. In such cases, the ACCESS advisor will make a reasonable effort to contact the student. If the student does not respond within thirty days or chooses not to complete the intake process, the student’s disability documentation will not be retained.