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What documentation will I need?

Only documentation from a licensed professional (psychologist, diagnostician, or physician) is acceptable. The report must be comprehensive and include results of testing, a contact name, title of the person completing the report, their telephone number, address, and signature. The report must be dated. Documentation older than three years is not accepted. In some instances more recent documentation can be required. Student Responsibilities: Students seeking accommodations will be asked to provide current documentation of their disability. It is the student's responsibility to become aware of the documentation guidelines. He/She must obtain the necessary documentation from their school district or physician. ARD and IEP papers are not accepted as appropriate documentation. The student must schedule an appointment to discuss details about the disability and request specific accommodations with the appropriate advisor at least one month prior to enrolling in classes. It is the student's responsibility to follow up on all correspondence and academic concerns with the ACCESS office staff.

Documentation Guidelines