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The primary goal of the ACCESS office is to ensure that the college follows ADA guidelines by providing reasonable accommodations, individual attention, and support for students with disabilities who need assistance with any aspect of their campus experience such as accessibility, academics, testing, and registration.

We need your help - Students with disabilities will experience a more inclusive and supportive academic environment when faculty and staff acknowledge their presence, invite them to come forward and ask how you can assist them with your course or service area. Not all students are aware of the services provide here at Collin, acknowledgment by staff, faculty and administration could ease the frustration many disabled students experience.

There are several pages of resources available on the right for to use, however, because you may experience individual differences, even within the same disability category, the ACCESS Office Staff is available to assist. If you have any questions concerning the student or the accommodations, please do not hesitate in to contact us at 972-881-5898. We are here to work with you in providing the appropriate support for all Collin students.


Faculty Course requirements and competencies should be the same for all students. Accommodations are in place to give students equal access to education. Instructors are encouraged to discuss the accommodations with the student once they are presented.


  • First, read the accommodation request carefully. It is a formal notice signifying that the student has furnished the college with appropriate documentation of a disability which he or she feels will impact the teaching or learning situation.


  • Second, discuss the request with the student privately. The form lists accommodations for which the student has provided proof and the types of adaptations which have been recommended by the ACCESS Office staff.


  • Third, remember that the request is just that, not a command. All students, regardless of disability, must be able to meet the essential competencies for your course; if the student cannot meet the competencies without accommodations, he/she must be given an opportunity to meet them with reasonable accommodations.


Please Remember: Although there is no magic formula or one set strategy that will work for every class or every student; instructors should

  • Assess their individual class climate and environment
  • Examine the unique needs of your (ACCESS) students
  • Plan accordingly... Bend Don’t Break


Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 972-881-5898 if you have any questions in reference to accommodations for students with disabilities.

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