Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

As Faculty you have certain rights.

Faculty have the right to:

    • Ask for verification of the student’s eligibility for accommodations from the ACCESS Office.
    • Consult with the ACCESS Office staff as appropriate to assist in providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
    • Expect students with disabilities to meet the same academic standards as their peers.
    • Expect that the ACCESS Office will use appropriate test security measures to protect the integrity of exams given.

Along with these rights come responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of the faculty to:

    • Meet with students confidentially to discuss disability-related needs.
    • Provide classroom materials in alternative format when requested - This may require consultation and/or coordination with the ACCESS Office.
    • Work collaboratively with the ACCESS Office in providing appropriate and timely academic accommodations for their courses.
    • Provide accessible times that the student with a disability can meet to discuss academic needs, accommodations, and services.
    • Place ACCESS Student tests / exams in the Testing Center prior to the testing time.
    • Indicate testing details (i.e., time-allotted, materials permitted) on tests sent to the Testing Center.