Preston Ridge Campus Math Lab

Faculty, lab instructors, and student tutors staff the PRC Math Lab in order to assist Collin College students currently enrolled in developmental and college-level mathematics courses at Collin College. The PRC Math Lab strives to reflect the mission and core values of Collin College. We are located at the Preston Ridge Campus in Founders Hall, Room 148.


  • Free tutoring
  • Study areas with whiteboards
  • Check out a calculator
  • Check out a textbook or solutions manual
  • Use a computer or printer
  • Use Mathematica
  • Download calculator applications and programs

How It Works
Sign in and sign out with your full CWID each time you visit the Math Lab. No appointment is necessary. To check out a calculator, textbook, or solutions manual, please bring your current student ID.

Although the PRC Math Lab maintains a highly qualified staff that is eager to serve students, there are restrictions on the type of help which tutors can offer. What tutors can and cannot do are briefly outlined in the following table.

Tutors Can Tutors Cannot
  • Clarify concepts
  • Answer questions
  • Explain problems
  • Review for tests
  • Provide help with study skills
  • Give suggestions for note taking
  • Do students' lab assignments
  • Introduce new concepts
  • Help with take-home tests
  • Teach class materials missed in class

How to Prepare
Prepare yourself before visiting the Math Lab by reading assigned material, attempting problems, and bringing your notes from class. Please allow ample time for your visit. During peak times, you may be required to wait for tutor assistance and tutors may be unable to sit with you for an extended period.

Lab Rules and Etiquette
Please be mindful of other students by silencing your cell phone and keeping socializing to a minimum. No eating is permitted in the lab. Only drinks in covered containers are permitted but not near computer stations.

All Students must abide by the code of conduct set by Collin College to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment. The code of conduct con be found in the current Collin College Student Handbook.

Math Lab Handouts
General Algebra
The Factoring Tree
College Algebra Review for Calculus for Business and Economics
Partial Fraction Decomposition Examples
Derivative Rules and Examples for Calculus with Applications
Integration Rules and Examples for Calculus with Applications
Conic Sections
Conic Sections (color)
Gauss-Jordan Elimination
Collin College Math 1342 (Statistics) Formula Chart
Financial Mathematics
Graph Paper Arrows
Graph Paper No Arrows
Unit Circle

Instructional Videos


Helpful Links

Lectures and Notes (notes and handouts) (various math lectures) (full-length math lectures by Professor Leonard of Merced College in Merced CA)

Online Graphing Utilities (2D function grapher) (3D grapher) (polar grapher) (math applications including a graphing calculator) (3D Parametric Grapher) (online graphing calculator)

Online Solvers and Calculators (symbolic manipulator) (simplex tool) (integral calculator) (derivative calculator) (Newton's and Euler's Methods)

Contact Us
Collin College, Preston Ridge Campus
9700 Wade Boulevard
Founders Hall, Room 148

PRC Math Lab Manager
Margaret Woldu