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Work Experience for Academic Credit

Keys to Workplace Success   


 Relevant experience      Earn academic credit      Clarify career goals

It's a win-win for student, employer, & community!

Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) is an educational program which combines classroom learning with supervised practical work experience (internships).  Co-op is a course that results in two to five credit hours in a 2-year degree or certificate program, and is available for both transfer and technical students.  It may  be an elective or a required course in the academic program, and it does transfer to a university as part of the 2-year core program.  

Co-op internships are made possible by a strong partnership between the student, employer, and Collin College.  
Job search assistance is available or you may use your current, related  job with Co-op's approval.    

Students experience your career field!

        Co-op Eligibility:

  • Completed one semester at Collin and currently enrolled
  • Declared in a degree or certificate program
  • GPA of 2.5 or better & completed up to 9 credit hours in your major
  • Co-enrolled in minimum of one 3-hour credit course while in Co-op

      Course Requirements:

  • Work 320 total hours in 16 weeks (summer varies)
  • Prepare and execute 5 competencies based goals on the job
  • Attend 16 hours of Professional Development Seminars
  • Submit 3-5 page Reflection Paper

Getting Started:

   Step 1:Submit Student Inquiry Card
   Step 2: Contact

Co-op enrolls students every month and accepts Employer Requests 
anytime - not only at main semesters!

Co-op employers have included: JCPenney, Marriott Hotels, Country Wide Home Loans, STMicroelectronics, Fossil Studios, Texas Instruments, Holiday Inns, AMS Production Group, Renaissance, Sodexho, and Ruth Chris Steak House

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  • Profit from fresh ideas, eager learners
  • Reduce hiring and training costs
  • Increase employee retention
  • Build effective employees, your way
  • No fees/pre-screening to job qualifications


  • Become a partner-in-training with faculty and students
  • Guarantee 320 work hours in 16 week semester. (summer semester varies)
  • Provide supervised training environment and cooperative supervisor
  • Validate work hours and complete student performance review
  • Join in 2 faculty on-site visits

Employer Request for Co-op Student