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Petition Process
Petition Process

Credit Petition Process

If you've graduated from high school and have completed your Collin College articulated classes with a grade of "B" or better, and successfully passed the end-of-course exam with a grade of 80* or better (Exams apply only to select program areas) *Child Development end of course exams require a grade of 85 or better.


1. Complete this credit petition form and return it to the following address:

     Collin College, CPC
     Attn:  Registrar
     2200 W University Dr.
     McKinney, TX  75071

2. Enroll at Collin College after high school graduation and declare an Associate Degree major. This major may include your articulated classes in the degree plan.  Successfully complete two non-developmental 3-credit courses (in order to earn 6 credits) within 24 months of high school graduation.

*Students who were  enrolled in dual credit courses at Collin need to complete only three additional credits after high school graduation as a condition of eligibility.

Upon completion of these steps and confirmation by the Registrar, your earned credits will be placed on your transcript at the end of the semester in which you completed the above requirements.


Ph 972-377-1750

Fx  972-377-1739