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CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
    Collin College Testing Centers serve as test sites for the CLEP (College Level Examination Program). CLEP exams are given by appointment only. For an appointment, call the preferred Testing Center for available dates and times.

    • Two forms of identification are required for all CLEP testing. Your primary ID must be government-issued and include your name, signature, and a recognizable photograph. The second ID may be any official ID containing your name and signature and/or photograph.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • A student does not have to be currently enrolled at Collin College to take a CLEP exam.
    • Students must contact the institution they are planning to attend for its requirements regarding CLEP.
    • An unofficial score report will be available upon the completion of most CLEP exams. Official scores will be sent to the the test-taker and the school of choice in approximately 2 weeks.
    • You must wait 6 (six) months to retake any CLEP exam.
    • For credit at Collin, CLEP transcripts are automatically processed upon arrival in the Director of Testing office, provided all criteria are met (6 credit hours earned at Collin and current enrollment).  For more information about earning CLEP credit at Collin College, see the Credit by Exam page.
    • The CLEP fee is payable by credit card (preferred method), check or money order made payable to 'CLEP' for each examination. Cash is not accepted. For current fees, please contact the Testing Center.
    • Please see the list of CLEP Subject Examinations accepted by Collin College on the Credit by Exam page.

    The CLEP Subject Examination in College Composition Modular also has a 90-minute essay section, which is required by some colleges. Students must check with the institution they are planning to attend for its requirements. Collin College requires the essay section. If the essay section is attempted, the score will be weighted as follows:
    • Essay section:               70 percent
    • Multiple-choice section:  30 percent

     The Collin College CLEP code is 2290.

    For more information concerning CLEP credit, please contact the Director of Testing at (972) 548-6773.

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