What tutoring services are available?

The following tutoring services are available free of charge to all currently enrolled Collin College students.

Small Group Tutoring at Collin College (Fall and Spring semesters - ONLY)

Online through NetTutor




Group tutoring is...

• Regularly scheduled, out-of-class, study and review sessions
• Organized group study
• Study sessions led by a trained tutor in your subject
• A way to improve grades and study with others who are serious about learning


Online tutoring is...

Online tutoring is tutoring over the internet and is easy to use. The online tutoring service offers the following ways to get the help you need:

• Connect and interact with a tutor "live"
• Submit your writing to the online writing lab and receive a reply usually within 24 hours
• Submit a question and a tutor will reply within 24 hours

Click here to sign up for online tutoring

For a brief overview of the different ways you can receive online tutoring, watch this video - https://youtu.be/25pTejQj7wM.




 Need a tutor?  You might if... 

• You do not understand the material.
• You want a better grade.
• You need assistance with challenging material.
• You don't have enough foundational knowledge for the course.
• You are repeating the course.


Tutors will...

• Help clarify confusing parts of a lecture or text
• Help you solve problems by suggesting possible approaches or solving similar problems
• Give you comments or advice on written assignments
• Help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in the subject/course being tutored
• Assist you in applying concepts
• Help direct your focus during your tutoring session




Are there other tutoring resources offered on campus?

• Accounting Lab

• ASL Lab

• Computer Lab 

• Science Den 

• Math Lab:  http://www.collin.edu/academics/programs/resources_DevEd.html

• Writing Center:  http://www.collin.edu/studentresources/writingcenter/index.html