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Frequently Asked Questions

What tutoring services are available?

The following tutoring services are available free of charge to all currently enrolled students upon request.  The private tutor list is made available as well.

• Small group
• Online

How does a student formally request tutoring? 

There are two ways you can request tutoring services.

1.  Electronic Submission of Tutor Request
2.  Submit the Tutor Request Form.  Note:  all directions including room numbers and fax number are on the form. 

How and when is the student notified of the tutoring assignment?

The student is notified within one to two weeks by e-mail, often times sooner!  Please allow extra processing time during the first two weeks of each semester.

What is group tutoring and when is it offered?

Group tutoring is:
• Regularly scheduled, out-of-class, study and review sessions
• Organized group study
• Study sessions led by a trained peer
• A way to improve grades and study with others who are serious about learning

What is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is tutoring over the internet and is easy to use. The online tutoring service offers the following ways to get the help you need:

• Connect and interact with a tutor "live"
• Submit your writing to the online writing lab and receive a reply usually within 24 hours
• Submit a question and a tutor will reply within 24 hours

Want more details about online tutoring?

Collin College provides free, online tutoring for currently enrolled students. Online tutoring is available in a limited number of courses. For a list of courses and additional details, please click here.  For more information, please contact Michele Boverie, Coordinator of Student Support Services, or the ACCESS Office at 972.881.5898.

How do you know you need a tutor?

• You feel you do not understand the material.
• You failed the first test.
• You have difficulty completing homework assignments.
• You feel you don't have enough foundational knowledge for the course.
• You are taking the course for the second time.

What can tutoring do for me?

• Help clarify confusing parts of a lecture or text
• Help you solve problems by suggesting possible approaches or solving similar problems
• Give you comments or advice on written assignments
• Help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in the subject/course being tutored
• Assist you in applying concepts
• Review your syllabus with you and help you predict the material you will need to focus on during your tutoring sessions

Are there other tutoring resources offered on campus?

Yes!  Please contact the individual departments for details.

• Accounting Lab
• ASL Lab
• Computer Lab
• Math Lab:
• Science Den:
• Writing Center:

Do you want to be a group tutor?

Click on the group tutor flyer.  This flyer details pay rates, requirements, and who you need to contact for an appointment.