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Welcome to the Online Writing Lab.

If you're a current student of Collin College and need help with your writing, you've come to the right place.

Select a link on the right menu to access online tutoring. Before choosing a link, please review the 'Owl Systems' information below so you can pick the resource most appropriate for your needs.

OWL consultants will assist students in learning how to:

  • Construct a thesis statement, topic sentence, or determine the focus of the paper.
  • Develop and connect supporting ideas to the main idea, or thesis statement.
  • Determine the cohesiveness of the paper, holistically, and suggest ways to improve sentence structure or the connection of ideas.
  • Answer questions pertaining to topics such as MLA, grammar, structure, and main ideas (thesis sentence or topic sentences). 
  • Understand the assignment and brainstorm, plan, and organize ideas for a writing assignment in a virtual tutoring session.

Owl Consultants will not write papers for students, proofread or edit papers, judge papers according to grade, or guarantee a quick “fix” for students' writing problems. TutorText consultants will not review complete drafts of essays or portions of essays larger than one paragraph. Short formatting and style questions are welcome.

OWL Systems (right menu):

'VirtualMuse' is an online synchronous appointment system where students and consultants use audio and chat functions to review essays in real time.  Students may make one virtual appointment with a writing consultant per week. Students should upload their drafts at the time they schedule their virtual appointments.

'DropBox' is an asynchronous essay review system that allows students to upload a draft for consultant feedback. Students must upload a draft when they reserve a time block. Consultants return submitted essays by midnight two days after submission and often, sooner.

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