Preston Ridge Writing Center

The PRC Writing Center offers a variety of services to help you with your writing.


One-on-One Tutoring Appointments

Collin College students and Collin County community members may schedule 30-minute or 1-hour sessions with our professional writing consultants. During these sessions, consultant and writer work one-on-one to identify areas for improvement and develop new skills. Writers may come to the center for support at any phase of the writing process--from brainstorming essay ideas to polishing a final draft--while composing writing in any genre or discipline.


At no point will the consultant simply edit or "fix" a writer's work. Consultants focus on teaching skills and knowledge that lead writers toward greater independence.


Sessions are offered by appointment. Drop-ins are taken based on consultant availability.

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Appointment Format

Writers may have a maximum of one per session per day and two sessions per week. This includes any missed sessions.


30-minute sessions:

  • 30-minute sessions are available for writers with drafts 0-4 pages in length.

1-hour sessions:

  • 1-hour sessions are available for writers with drafts 5+ pages in length.
  • 1-hour sessions are also available for students who are currently enrolled in an INRW or ESL course or who have an accommodation through the Access Office that allows extra time for taking exams. 

Appointment Policies

Session Length: Regular sessions are 30 minutes; you may book a 1-hour session if your draft is 5+ pages AND/OR if you are enrolled in INRW or ESOL or have an Access Office accomodation that allows you extra time for tests and in-class assignments.

Session Frequency: There is a maximum of one session per day and two sessions per week. Writers working on assignments for more than one class and writers who are taking an express course may schedule three sessions in a single week. To schedule a third session, contact Writing Center Manager Allyson Jones at

Required Materials: 1) Two printed copies of your draft (unless you are brainstorming 2) A copy of the assignment description (if applicable)

Cancellations: To cancel an appointment, click the green square for your appointment time. When the appointment form opens, scroll down and click "Cancel this appointment."Cancellations must be made before the appointment time. No-shows will be automatically canceled after a 7-minute grace period. After three no-shows, your WC Online account will be disabled for the remainder of the current semester.

Quick Questions

Consultants not engaged in sessions are happy to answer quick writing-related questions. Students with questions that will require more than five minutes to address should schedule an appointment.



We offer a series of workshops on writing-related topics each long semester. Workshops are free and open to all Collin residents. No pre-registration is required. Proof of attendance will be provided to Collin students attending workshops for lab credit. View or download the current workshop schedule here: 

Fall 2018 Writing Center Workshops


Preston Ridge Writing Center Mission Statement

The Collin College Preston Ridge Campus Writing Center supports writers working in any genre or discipline at any stage of the writing process. We celebrate writing not only as a means of communication but as a form of productive critical thought. Our primary goal is not to make better papers but to make better writers. We believe that writing is a continual process that asks the writer to shift fluidly among the modes of conception, discovery, and revision. While no single process will be right for every writer or every piece of writing, we aim to help writers identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and provide them with strategies, tools, and experiential knowledge they can use to continually reflect on and improve their practices. As we strive to help writers become more independent and resourceful through one-on-one conferences with experienced writing consultants, we also demonstrate the critical role of conversation and exchange of ideas in the writing process.


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