Functional Abilities/Core Performance Standards

In keeping with college policy, the Surgical Technological Program has developed competencies in physical functional ability as a core for performance standards. These physical competencies are considered predictors of success in the surgical technology program and in the career workforce.

The functional abilities/core performance standards for the program are:

  • Extended walking and standing daily
  • Ability to grasp, push, and/or pull
  • Ability to bend and stoop
  • Moving quickly in response to an emergency
  • Using upper body movements
  • Ability to reach
  • Carrying and moving equipment
  • Reaching and/or lifting
  • Vision that allows detecting physical changes
  • Hearing that allows responding to physical and verbal cues
  • A sense of touch that allows for assessment and palpation

All students are required to meet these functional abilities with or without accommodations to function safely and effectively in the variety of the profession’s settings. Adaptations most frequently reported as being used by health care workers include hearing aids, eyeglasses or contact lenses, adaptive phones or listening devices and calculators.

Students who are interested in the surgical technology program and think they may need physical accommodations to successfully perform in the program are encouraged to contact the college ACCESS department early in the application process to explore the need and resources for accommodation.

After conditional admission to the program, students are asked to complete a Functional Abilities/Skills Assessment Form. This form identifies areas of physical ability for which the student may need accommodation in order to be successful in the program. Students who self disclose accommodation needs will be referred to the ACCESS department for evaluation.