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Creating an Expense Report for Faculty



faculty coe

  Expense Report


  • Click CougarTravel to go directly to the site or...
  • Log-in to CougarWeb
    • In CougarWeb go to MyWorkplace tab
    • In the “District Services” box click on “Business Services Administration”
    • In blue left-hand navigation column click on “Travel”
    • In the middle of the page, choose “CougarTravel” and sign in using your CougarTravel username and password you've created


Next: Create a New Expense Report 

  • From the CougarTravel Home page, select Expenses, then select Create New Report (circled below in red). 

 create new expense report


  • The Report Header will appear. Select Add to pull in a request report.


pull in request report


  • Select the request report you are preparing for the expense report from the Available Requests menu then select Add (circled below in red).


available requests


  • The selected Request will import all travel information (including approved budget amount) from the Request into the Report header on the new Expense Report.


complete required fields

  • Complete any remaining required fields i.e. "Will you be receiving non-Collin payment?" and select Next. 




 Next: Travel Itinerary

  • If expense report will include Daily Meal Per Diem (Meals) reimbursement, select Yes to following prompt...


daily meal per diem yes


  • If P-card has been utilized to purchase airfare, select Import Itinerary


select import itinerary


  • The import feature will auto-populate required fields for Trip Itinerary, both for departure and return legs of trip; otherwise, manually complete required fields; 
  • If manually completing information then...
    • Complete the departure information, then Save
    • Complete the return information, then Save
    • Select Next (circled in red below)


  • Complete the Departure and Return itineraries and Save both.

import or complete itinerary



  • Once all required fields are filled out, select Next (circled in red below).



itinerary continued

  • Select Next once more (circled in red below)

travel itinerary continued


Next: Travel Itinerary Continued

  • The Travel Allowances for Report (image below), allows you to select meals that will be provided at the event. These meals will be excluded from Meals Per Diem calculation. 
  • Identify meals provided at conference by placing check mark in appropriate block. Select Create Expenses in the bottom right corner.


meals excluded


Next: Create Expenses

  • Continue adding all expenses from trip. Select Import Expenses (circled in red below) to access all available receipts in your home space.


select import expenses


  • Determine expenses on the itemized Available Expenses list that pertain to trip.  
  • Select receipts from trip that need to be imported into expense report by clicking on the box next (left) to the expense. 
  • Click on the drop down box labeled Move, select To Current Report from the drop down box.  


move expenses to current report


Selected expenses will import into the report.


import selected expenses into report

Note:  two expenses were imported into expense report…one airfare, the other a meal.  Any meals paid with a p-card will be shown on the expense report as Meals Per Diem offset P-card. 
Continue adding all expenses for trip and attach appropriate receipts.  Select Save

Next: Sample Expenses

Council on Excellence will approve a budget amount for Faculty to travel when a request is submitted.

If your total expenses exceed the budget, you must receive authorization to charge the excess expenses to appropriate org. (If you do not receive approval to charge to another org., you will be responsible for paying the college back. See below for additional information on reimbursing college for excess expenses.)

If you receive authorization to charge excess to another org, obtain org. # that will be charged, and select Allocate.

In the example below, we will assume you received $800 COE budget. You’re requesting $863. Therefore, $63 needs to be allocated to another org. Select all expenses by placing a check mark at the top of the expense column. Select #2. Allocate the selected expenses.


example 1


  • Select Allocate By: choose Amount from drop down box. In amount box, next to Travel Group Council on Excellence, put in approved COE budget amount.
  • Select Add New Allocation: select Professional Faculty/Staff Travel group. In amount box next to Professional Faculty/Staff travel group, put in excess amount.


select allocate and new allocations


  • For Index select appropriate the Index provide by Dean/authorized person. Select Save.
  • The follow Success message will popup. Select OK. Select Done.


success message



You will see the allocation symbol next to each expense on the expense tab (see below). 


allocation indication

  • Select Submit Report when all expenses and receipts have been added.





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