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Creating a Travel Request for Faculty - COE


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  Travel Request


Review the content below to learn how to create a travel request if you are a Full - Time or Adjunct Faculty member...

  • Click CougarTravel to go directly to the site or...
  • Log-in to CougarWeb
    • In CougarWeb go to MyWorkplace tab 
    • In the “District Services” box click on “Business Services Administration”
    • In blue left-hand navigation column click on “Travel”
    • In the middle of the page, choose “CougarTravel” and sign in using your CougarTravel username and password you’ve created

Next: Create a Travel Request 

  • Select Requests from the menu across the top of the page...


select requests

  • then New Request.


select new requests


  • Complete all required fields which are designated by a red sidebar including:
    • Purpose: select the purpose which closely matches your reason for traveling
    • Travel Group: Select Council on Excellence  
    • Index: Select Council on Excellence 
      • COMMENT: Indicate the budget organization (ORG #) that is covering any expenses that exceed the COE budget. 

fill required fields


  • Once all required fields are selected select Save (in the upper right hand corner of the image above).


Next: Complete the Expenses Tab

  • Select the Expenses tab  (highlighted in yellow below) to enter estimates for major expenses anticipated on this trip.

 select expenses tab


  • Select expense from the list provided (see below). It is only necessary to provide an estimate of major expenses like airfare, hotel, registration and other key expenses.

 select expenses


  • Complete required fields for selected expenses indicated by a red sidebar, and select Save after completing required fields for each expense type.








Registration Fee

 registration fee


  • When selecting the expense type "Daily Per Diem"  into the Expense Type menu, all required fields are auto-completed (see below).


 expense type


  • Select Save 



An agenda must be attached before submitting the request for approval.

  • Select Attachments, then select Attach Documents to begin attaching your supporting documents.


attach documents


  • In the window that appears, click Browse (see image below) and navigate to the desired folder (wherever you saved the scanned or saved images.
  • Select a file and click Open. The file is added to a list under Files Selected for uploading. Repeat the process until all files (up to 10) are listed under Files Selected for uploading.


 doc upload and attach


  • Click Upload.
  • Click Close when finished uploading the file.
  • Click on Submit Request when finished entering your estimated expenses.

submit request button
Read the Electronic User Agreement and click Accept & Submit.

accept and submit

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