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Pcard Forms and Information

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The PCard is a procurement card that can be used for authorized travel and non-travel purchases. Use of a PCard is subject to Collin College procurement guidelines.

Application & Information

Complete the PCard Application: PCard Enrollment Request (Application) Form.

  • Send completed application to
  • Application must be submitted at least 8 weeks before travelling for the first time using a Pcard.
  • Once the application is received, you will be contacted to schedule required training.

  • PCard Limit Adjustment Form
    • Request an adjustment to your monthly transaction limit temporary or permanent.
  • PCard Substitute Receipt Form
    • The Cardholder is responsible for initially contacting the vendor to resolve any erroneous charges upon discovery. Most disputes can be resolved at this stage. Should the Cardholder be unable to reach agreement with the vendor, the Cardholder must complete and submit using this form.
  • PCard Manual
    • Entails all PCard procedures.

Reconcile Non-Travel Expenses

  • All Pcard charges will be processed through Concur.  The charges will import automatically on a daily basis into the traveler’s Available Expenses space on their home page.


available expenses

  • On a monthly basis, Pcard users should access JPMorgan Chase to download their monthly statement as noted in the Pcard procedures manual:

monthly statement reminder

  • Charges appearing on their statement should agree to those imported into their Concur Available Expenses area.  For all non-travel expenses, a monthly expense report should be created. Click the link below for Pcard Non-Travel instructions below.  If the monthly statement includes travel expenses, those expenses will be included in the travel expense report.  For additional information on creating a travel expense report, select the appropriate travel instructions button corresponding to your role. 
  • Click CougarTravel to go directly to the site or...
  • Log-in to CougarWeb
    • In the “District Services” box click on “Business Services Administration”
    • In blue left-hand navigation column click on “Travel”
    • In the middle of the page, choose “CougarTrave” and sign in using your CougarTravel username and password you’ve created

Next: Create a Travel Reqeust 

  • Once you have logged into Concur, create a new expense report by selecting the Expense tab at the top of the page

new expense report

  • Select Create New Report

select create new expense report

  • Complete all required fileds denotaed with a red sidebar including
    • Type of Report: Select Non-Travel Report from drop down menu
    • Report Name:  Input Month Year (January 2020)
    • Group:  Select Professional-Faculty/Staff only
      • For Grant, or any other group, you will allocate expenses to appropriate index
    • Index:  Default index will populate field once the group is selected; do not change
    • Select Next at the bottom right side of screen

fill required fieldsnext

  • A pop-up box regarding Travel Allowances will appear…respond No.

no meal reimbursement

  • All available expenses will migrate to the expense report.  Compare expenses to those appearing on JPMorgan statement to ensure all charges are proper and accounted for.
  • Identify appropriate expenses to move to new expense report and place a check mark in the box to the left of the expense detail. From the Move dropdown box select To Current Report to move selected expenses into newly created report.

available expenses

  • After all expenses have been moved into the current expense report, select an expense type to assign to each receipt.
  • Attach detailed receipts for each transaction by selecting the Attach Receipt button for each expense item and uploading into Concur. 
  • Submit Report by clicking button in top righthand corner.

assign receipts

  • If it is necessary to allocate an expense to another index, select the expense to allocate, then click on the Allocate button at bottom of page. 


  • From drop down box, select amount of percentage depending on how you want to allocate expense.
  • Then select appropriate Travel Group and Index you wish to allocate to. 
  • Select Save.

allocate expense 2

  • A Success Box will appear after saving.  Then select Done. 


  • The detail expense report will show the allocation symbol as noted below. 

detail expense report

  • You are ready to submit if you’ve accounted for all non-travel expenses appearing on your statement, attached the appropriate detailed receipts for each expense, done allocations, if applicable, and selected Submit Report.

PCard Reconciliation Non-Travel Instructions (8 minute video)

Travel Expense Report Instructions by Role 


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