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Academic Continuity - Faculty Readiness

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Faculty Readiness Checklist

  • In order to be prepared for any unexpected campus closing:

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 From home, log into Office 365 via CougarWeb or directly through 

This will allow you to verify that dual authentication is working properly.  HERE are Office 365 resources. If you need additional assistance contact Faculty/ Staff Technical Support at 972-548-6555 or 

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 From home, log into Canvas via CougarWeb

Do this off campus to verify that you have sufficient broadband access at home. Publish your course if you have not done so. 

  Icon 3Have a continuity plan for face-to-face classes

In the event of a campus closure wherein faculty are required to move face-to-face instruction into the online environment, these instructions are geared toward faculty who do not normally teach online, and do not use Canvas extensively in their face-to-face classes. 

  Icon 4Use your eLearning Center (eLC) Resources

NOTE: You must be logged into CougarWeb to access these pages. The link to the eLearning Centers is in the MyWorkplace tab in CougarWeb. Visit the eLearning Center faculty and staff pages for Canvas guides and additional resources. 

The eLC staff are available via appointment both in-person and online. They will continue to operate during their regular hours any time classes are in session and/or the college is open for business. Schedule your appointment by contacting the eLC at 972-881-5870 or