All campuses are open and ready to serve students virtually, hybrid, or in person.

Academic Continuity - Keep Teaching

Online Tools and Strategies to Keep Teaching

Whether it is a snow day, a scheduled absence, or emergency, offering classes remotely can help provide continuity or recover lost class time. This resource outlines steps and tools that can be used to connect with students remotely and deliver course materials. Here are some quick steps to start instructing remotely.

Transforming Learning Activities and Coursework into an Online Format

To get started teaching online, review the following materials and links...

To communicate directly with your students, review the materials below to learn how to use the Canvas communication tools...

From F2F to Online 
In Person Plan Synchronous (occurs at same time) Online Plan Asynchronous (occurs at different times) Online Plan
  • In Class Lectures
  • Guest Speakers
  • Student Presentation
  • Online Office Hours
  • Assignments 
  • Turnitin Assignments
  • Discussions Boards
  • Quizzes/ Exams

Enroll in the "Academic Continuity - Instructions" Course in Canvas

This course contains step-by-step instructions geared to the classroom instructor moving course content online. It also provides access to a course template that can be copied and used in existing Canvas courses. 


elearning center

The eLC staff are available via appointment both in-person and online. They will continue to operate during their regular hours any time classes are in session and/or the college is open for business. Schedule your appointment by contacting the eLC at 972-881-5870 or

The link to the eLearning Centers is on both the Faculty and MyWorkplace tabs in CougarWeb. Visit the eLearning Center faculty and staff pages for Canvas guides and additional resources.