Urban Sustainable Agriculture

Collin County has a rich agricultural history, that continues to be strong today. According to the USDA census data, 50% of acreage in Collin County is identified as agricultural, and although the sizes of local farms are decreasing, the number of small farms is increasing. Small footprint farms are producing more crops per square foot with less water and a smaller environmental impact!

Agriculture is the art and science of raising plants and animals for human benefit. It is the foundation of civilizations and contributes to food security. The urban sustainable agriculture program offers students an opportunity to learn sustainable practices, incorporate precision technology, and develop food solutions for an ever-increasing population. Students will develop the skills to create their own small farm, develop the technical knowledge and marketable skills needed to manage controlled-environment growing operations, and market locally sourced produce to chefs and families. Students will learn how to manage a small farm growing operation and create a local farm-to-table program.

Collin’s Urban Sustainable Agriculture is a multidisciplinary program that will prepare you to work in the agriculture industry including sales, management, entrepreneurship, conservation practices, and marketing of agricultural products directly to consumers and restaurants.

Program Options

AAS - Urban Sustainable Agriculture

Certificate Level 1 - Controlled Environment Agriculture

Certificate Level 1 - Sustainable Agriculture

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