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34 credit hours
This Advanced Technical Certificate is designed for Surgical Technologists that already have an Associate Degree plus 2 years' experience as a Certified Surgical Technologist.
First Semester
CSFA 1371 Fundamentals and Surgical Safety
CSFA 2371 Surgical Procedures
CSFA 2472 Suturing, Knot Tying, Hemostasis, and Wound Healing
HITT 2435 Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies 1
Second Semester
CSFA 1172 Pharmacology and Anesthesia
CSFA 1173 Principles of Surgical Assisting Lab I
CSFA 1175 Perioperative Microbiology and Bioscience
CSFA 2372 Operative Anatomy and Pathophysiology I
CSFA 2473 Surgical Assisting Clinical I
Third Semester
CSFA 1176 Complications in Surgery
CSFA 2171 Role Definition, Ethical, Legal and Moral Responsibilities
CSFA 2173 Principles of Surgical Assisting Lab II
CSFA 2373 Operative Anatomy and Pathophysiology II
CSFA 2474 Surgical Assisting Clinical II (Capstone)
1. Course may be taken at any time before or during the program.