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 BUSG  1304  Financial Literacy
A study of the financial principles when managing financial affairs. Includes topics such as budgeting, retirement, property ownership, savings, and investment planning. 3 credit hours. (W)


BUSG  1307  Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Overview of entrepreneurship as an economic development strategy. Includes community support systems for entrepreneurs. 3 credit hours. (W)


BUSG 1371  Business Plan for Funding
How to develop a business plan for a small business start-up or expansion that can be submitted to a financial institution or used for implementation. Emphasis on importance of the plan, components, format, and considerations. 3 credit hours. (W)


BUSG  2309  Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
Starting, operating, and growing a small business.  Includes essential management skills, how to prepare a business plan, accounting, financial needs, staffing, marketing strategies, and legal issues. 3 credit hours. (W)


BUSG  2371  Entrepreneurship Experience
Career-related activities associated with the operation of one’s own business. This course will allow the student to identify and implement the necessary knowledge and skills required to be a successful business owner. Prerequisite: Consent of Associate Dean/Director. 3 credit hours. (W)


BUSG  2380  Cooperative Education - Business/Commerce, General
Career-related activities encountered in the student's area of specialization offered through an individualized agreement among the college, employer, and student. Under the supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience. Includes a lecture component. Prerequisites:  INSR 1301, INSR 1305, INSR 1345, INSR 1375, and INSR 2301. 3 credit hours. (W)