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CMGT  3305  Construction Estimating II
This course introduces students to the skills and tools necessary to prepare formal bids for construction projects. It focuses on pricing, indirect costs, bid analysis and use of computer aided software. The goal of this course is to expand skills in new topics of estimating and to assist students in developing high confidence in the application of the estimating skills learned previously. The course addresses the bidding procedure from receipt of bid documents through work breakdown, work quantification, pricing and bid submittal for lump sum and unit price bids, and preparation of design/build proposals. Lab required. Prerequisite: CNBT 1346. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  3310  Building Information Modeling for Constructors
This course focuses on the skills and information needed to effectively use an existing Building Information Model (BIM) in plan execution for a building construction project. This is a project-based course where students gain knowledge on the implementation of BIM based schedules, and estimates. Lab required. Prerequisites: CNBT 2310 and CNBT 2340. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  3315  Construction Structural Systems
This course presents the various structural systems used in the construction of buildings. Building types vary from single-family houses to high-rise buildings to multi-use facilities. Case studies are examined from a structural viewpoint, in which the rationale for the structural system is analyzed, and then a systematic construction process is followed from start to completion of the project. Lab required. Prerequisites: CNBT 2310 and CNBT 2340. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  3320  Construction Project Planning
Development of parameter cost estimates for activities that relate to the construction of a building project; work packages sequenced, planned and leveled to develop a working project execution document; development of procedures to monitor actual field progress. Lab required. Prerequisite: CNBT 2344. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  4305  Construction Materials and Testing and Inspections
Construction materials testing and inspection procedures in laboratory and field situations using standard testing equipment, methods, and field inspection techniques per ASTM and ACI standards. Laboratory reports, computer analysis, data collection and simulated field inspections are included. Focus is placed on acceptance testing for construction materials. Lab required. Prerequisite: CMGT 3315. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  4310  Construction Soils and Foundations
The course gives an overview of the difference and correlation between soil mechanics and foundations engineering. Soil mechanics is the branch of engineering that involves the study of the properties of soils and their behaviors under stress and strain in idealized conditions. Foundation engineering is the application of the principles of soil mechanics in the planning, design and construction of foundations for buildings, highways, dams and so forth. This course presents a detailed look into soil properties and foundations design. Lab required. Prerequisites: CMGT 3305 and CMGT 3320. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  4315  Construction Project Management
This course explores major problems, tasks and techniques required to manage the technical program in each phase of the product life cycle. Organizational planning, decision-making, and internal external interface techniques for each phase of the project life cycle are addressed. Additional concepts such as: Earned Value Analysis (EVA), Critical Path Management (CPM), Project Requirements Analysis, and Schedule Task Analysis will be explored in depth. Lab required. Prerequisite: CNBT 2344. 3 credit hours.


CNBT  4320  Construction Law and Ethics
This course introduces students to basic understanding of contractual issues that are significant to construction managers. The course is designed to teach basic concepts of contract law and to recognize legal issues making decisions based on current industrial standards. The course also focuses on addressing ethics in the construction industry. Lab required. Prerequisites: CMGT 4315 and PHIL 2306. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  4325  Construction Leadership
Development of competencies in various leadership and management practices that are useful in an array of situations; emphasis on organizational leadership and management development with specific attention to intragroup relationships and techniques for achieving group goals. Lab required. Prerequisite: CMGT 4315. 3 credit hours.


CMGT  4330  Construction Management Capstone
Capstone projects course emphasizing a team approach to the analysis and solutions of Construction problems. Projects will be supplied by industry whenever possible. Emphasizes scheduling, design, working in teams. A final written report drawings and presentations will be provided to the customer. Lab required. Prerequisites: CMGT 4315, CMGT 4305, and CMGT 4310. 3 credit hours.