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CRIJ  1301  Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course provides a historical and philosophical overview of the American criminal justice system, including the nature, extent, and impact of crime; criminal law; and justice agencies and processes.  3 credit hours. (A)


CRIJ  1306  Court Systems and Practices

This course is a study of the court system as it applies to the structures, procedures, practices and sources of law in American courts, using federal and Texas statutes and case law. 3 credit hours. (A)


CRIJ  1307  Crime in America

American crime problems in historical perspective, social and public policy factors affecting crime, impact and crime trends, social characteristics of specific crimes, and prevention of crime.  3 credit hours.  (A)


CRIJ  1310  Fundamentals of Criminal Law

This course is the study of criminal law including application of definitions, statutory elements, defenses and penalties using Texas statutes, the Model Penal Code, and case law. The course also analyzes the philosophical and historical development of criminal law and criminal culpability.  3 credit hours. (A)


CRIJ  1313  Juvenile Justice System

A study of the juvenile justice process to include specialized juvenile law, role of the juvenile law, role of the juvenile courts, role of police agencies, role of correctional agencies, and theories concerning delinquency.  3 credit hours.  (A)


CRIJ  2313  Correctional Systems and Practices

This course is a survey of institutional and non-institutional corrections. Emphasis will be placed on the organization and operation of correctional systems; treatment and rehabilitation; populations served; Constitutional issues; and current and future issues.  3 credit hours. (A)


CRIJ  2314  Criminal Investigation

Investigative theory; collection and preservation of evidence; sources of information; interview and interrogation; uses of forensic sciences; case and trial preparation.  3 credit hours.  (A)


CRIJ  2323  Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement

Police authority; responsibilities; constitutional constraints; laws of arrest, search, and seizure; and police liability. 3 credit hours.  (A)


CRIJ  2328  Police Systems and Practices

This course examines the establishment, role and function of police in a democratic society. It will focus on types of police agencies and their organizational structure, police-community interaction, police ethics, and use of authority.  3 credit hours. (A)