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GERM  1411  Beginning German I

Introduction to the basic skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening; designed for students with little or no previous language training.  Includes attention to selected aspects of German civilization.  Instruction enhanced by the use of tapes, slides, and video cassettes.  Lab required.  4 credit hours.  (A)


GERM  1412  Beginning German II

Continuation of GERM 1411 with an emphasis on the reading of elementary texts. Lab required.  Prerequisite: GERM 1411 or consent of Associate Dean.  4 credit hours.  (A)


GERM  2311  Intermediate German I

Continued development of the four basic language skills with increased attention to reading and writing.  Instruction enhanced by tapes, slides, and other audio-visual aids.  Prerequisite: GERM 1412 or consent of Associate Dean. 3 credit hours.  (A)


GERM  2312  Intermediate German II

Continuation of GERM 2311.  Prerequisite: GERM 2311, or consent of Associate Dean.  3 credit hours.  (A)