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HITT  1301  Health Data Content and Structure

Introduction to systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating primary and secondary health related information including content of health record, documentation requirements, registries, indices, licensing, regulatory agencies, forms, and screens used in electronic and paper medical records.  Prerequisite/Concurrent enrollment: HITT 1305.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  1303  Medical Terminology II

A continuation of the study of medical terms through work origin and structure, abbreviations and symbols, surgical and diagnostic procedures, and medical specialties. Lab required.  Prerequisite: HITT 1305. 3 credit hours. (W)


HITT  1305  Medical Terminology I

Study of medical terms through word origin and structure.  Introduction to abbreviations and symbols, surgical and diagnostic procedures, and medical specialties.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  1311  Health Information Systems

Introduction to health IT standards, health-related data structures, software applications and enterprise architecture in health care and public health.  Lab required.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  1345  Health Care Delivery Systems

Examination of delivery systems including organization, financing, accreditation, licensure, and regulatory agencies.  This course covers alternative health care delivery systems.  Lab required.    3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  1353  Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information

Concepts of privacy, security, confidentiality, ethics, health care legislation, and regulations relating to the maintenance and use of health information. Prerequisite: HITT 1305.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  2272  Portfolio Development

Preparation and enhancement of portfolio to meet professional standards, development of presentation skills, and improvement of job-seeking techniques.  Lab required.  Prerequisite: ITSE 2309.  2 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  2328  Introduction to Public Health

A survey of how health care and public health services are organized and delivered in the U.S. Covers public policy, relevant organizations and their interrelationships, professional roles, legal and regulatory issues, and payment systems. Includes health reform initiatives in the U.S. 3 credit hours. (W)


HITT  2339  Health Information Organization and Supervision

Principles of organization and supervision of human, financial, and physical resources. Also covers health information for electronic records. Lab required. Major Requirement: AAS – Health Information Management. Prerequisites: HITT 1301 and HITT 1305. 3 credit hours. (W)


HITT  2346  Advanced Medical Coding

Advanced concepts of ICD and CPT coding rules, conventions and guidelines in complex case studies.  Investigation of government regulations and changes in health care reporting.  Electronic encoder use covered and information about ICD-10.  Lab required.  Prerequisites: BIOL 2404, HITT 1305 and HITT 2435.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  2361  Clinical - Health Information/Medical Records Technology

A health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts.  Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.  Students should take this course in their final semester.  Prerequisites: Consent of Program Director.  3 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  2430  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
Formerly HITT 2471

Study of the pathology and general health management of diseases and injuries across the life span. Topics include etiology, symptoms, and  the physical and psychological reactions to diseases and injuries. A study of drug classifications, actions, therapeutic uses, adverse effects, routes of administration, and calculation of dosages. Lab required.  4 credit hours. (W)


HITT  2435  Coding and Reimbursement Methodologies

Advanced coding techniques with emphasis on case studies, health records, and federal regulations regarding prospective payment systems and methods of reimbursement.  The student is recommended to complete BIOL 2404 prior to registering for this course, but not required.  Lab required.  4 credit hours.  (W)


HITT  2443  Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

Study of quality standards and methodologies in the health information management environment.  Topics include licensing, accreditation, compilation and presentation of data in statistical formats, quality management and performance improvement functions, utilization management, risk management, and medical staff data quality issues.  Approaches to assessing patient safety issues and implementation of quality management and reporting through electronic systems.  Lab required.  Prerequisite: HITT 1301, and meet TSI college-readiness standard for Mathematics; or equivalent.  4 credit hours.  (W)