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INTC  1307  Instrumentation Test Equipment

Theory and application of instrumentation test equipment. Emphasizes accuracy, limitations of instruments, and calibration techniques.  Lab required.  Prerequisite: CETT 1409 or consent of Instructor or Discipline Lead.  3 credit hours.  (W)


INTC  1357  AC/DC Motor Control

A study of electric motors and motor control devices common to a modern industrial environment. A presentation of motor characteristics with emphasis on starting, speed control, and stopping systems. Lab required. Prerequisite: CETT 1409. 3 credit hours. (W)


INTC  2359  Distributed Control Systems

Philosophy and application of distributed control systems. Includes hardware, firmware, software, configuration, communications, and networking systems required to implement a distributed control strategy. Lab required. Prerequisite: ELMT 1301. 3 credit hours. (W)