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ITSC  1305  Introduction to PC Operating Systems
Introduction to personal computer operating systems including installation, configuration, file management, memory and storage management, control of peripheral devices, and use of utilities. Additionally, the operating system will be examined from an end-user perspective. Hands-on lab experience is provided. 3 credit hours.  (W)


ITSC  1309  Integrated Software Applications I-MS Office
Introduction to business productivity software suites using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and/or presentation software. Lab required. Prerequisite/Concurrent enrollment: POFT 1329. 3 credit hours. (W)


ITSC 1315  Project Management Software
Use of project management software for developing a project plan including timelines, milestones, scheduling, life cycle phases, management frameworks, skills, processes, and tools. Lab required. 3 credit hours. (W)


ITSC  1316  Linux Installation and Configuration
Introduction to Linux operating system.  Includes Linux installation, basic administration, utilities and commands, upgrading, networking, security, and application installation.  Emphasizes hands-on setup, administration, and management of Linux.  Lab required.  Prerequisite:  ITNW 1358 or consent of Associate Dean.  3 credit hours.  (W)


ITSC  2339  Personal Computer Help Desk Support
Diagnosis and solution of user hardware and software related problems with on-the-job and/or simulated projects.  Lab required.  Prerequisites: ITNW 1358 and ITSC 1305, or consent of Instructor.  3 credit hours.  (W)


ITSC  2380  Cooperative Education-Computer and Information Sciences, General
Career-related activities encountered in the student's area of specialization offered through an individualized agreement among the college, employer, and student.  Under the supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning with work experience.  Includes a lecture component.  Contact your Workforce Program Career Coach. 3 credit hours. (W)