Marketable Skills



• Create, manage and implement websites and web-based applications from concept to deployment.
• Create responsive or device specific front-end user interfaces for web sites and web applications with intuitive user experience designs.
• Incorporate popular web frameworks into front-end and back-end projects.
• Incorporate online JSON data into projects using REST APIs.
• Manage source code using GIT version control and remote repositories.
• Troubleshoot, debug and test code, throughout the development process.
• Incorporate knowledge of current best practices (accessibility standards, usability, search engine optimization, data analytics, testing, etc.) in developing web projects.
• Create, manage and use of databases in projects.
• Apply understanding and proficiency in programming concepts and skills in web projects.
• Listen, clarify and make suggestions as to changes to the requirements of a given project.
• Interact with others to develop successful web projects while meeting project milestones and deadlines.
• Identify and analyze a problem, determine the best solution, then implement the solution.
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