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39 credit hours  
Students must be TSI complete.
First Semester  
FITT 1373 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport and Recreation Management
KINE 1336 Introduction to Sports Management
TRVM 1327 Special Events Design 
Second Semester
FITT 1370 Sports Tourism
MRKG 1301 Customer Relationship Management
RECL 1303 Athletic Program Planning
First Semester
BMGT 1327 Principles of Management
HAMG 1317 Recreational Services
RECT 1301 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
Second Semester
ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I
FITT 1371 Principles of Promoting and Selling Sport and Recreation
FITT 2371 Leadership in Sport and Recreation (Capstone)
HRPO 2307 Organizational Behavior