Plano Campus

Photograph of the Plano Campus armilary in front of the libraryThe Plano Campus offers engagement opportunities for students and community unique among Collin College campuses. A comprehensive campus dedicated to academic achievement, Plano Campus is home to thriving visual and performing arts and athletics programs, as well as being the physical address of the iCollin Virtual Campus administration. 

Ad link for  the Plano Campus Workforce Fair 2023; blue box with  white typeOpened in 1988 as “Spring Creek Campus” at the intersection of Jupiter Road and Spring Creek Parkway in the heart of Plano, the Plano Campus was Collin College’s second major educational facility. One of the campus’s most physically striking features is its beautiful 88,000-square-foot domed Thomas Jefferson-inspired library just off of Jupiter Road. The campus’s Living Legends Conference Center plays host to events throughout the year, including the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Power Leadership Breakfast. Reserve the conference center here.

Plano Campus is the primary campus for Fine Arts at Collin College. The Art Gallery hosts free exhibitions from students, faculty, local, national, and international artists. Performance spaces include the 350-seat John Anthony Theatre, the Black Box Theatre, the ALT Lab Theatre, The Art Gallery, and a few smaller spaces in the music area. Interested in seeing a show? Click here for ticketed performances.

Collin College’s basketball and tennis programs also make their homes at the Plano Campus. The campus’s competition basketball gym and the Brinker Tennis Stadium are located on the northern end of the campus. All teams play in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). For more information on Collin College athletics, visit

Notable academic outreach at the Plano Campus includes: Center for Science, Math and Natural Sciences (CASMNS); Texas Center for Working Class Studies; the annual Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference; FORCES Journal; Mock Trial Team; and Book-in-Common.

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  Campus Provost
Mary Barnes-Tilley, Ph.D.
Academic Affairs/
Workforce Dean
Lupita Tinnen, Ph.D.
Academic Affairs/
Workforce Dean 
Kristen Streater, Ph.D.
Academic Affairs/
Workforce Dean
Meredith L. Wang, Ph.D.
Dean of Student and Enrollment Services
Kirk D. Lee, Ed.D.
Director Weekend College
Brian Lenhart
Information Desk
Admissions and Records
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Eight-Week Fall Semester
Eight-week semester courses allow you to focus more intently on a subject in a shorter timeframe. Most eight-week classes are hybrid (HY) courses which include a mix of regularly scheduled in-person classroom activities and online instructional activities, while some of the eight-week classes meet once or twice a week for a longer class period.

If you want to complete a course faster with greater concentration on a subject, eight-week semesters are a great option. Take two courses in each of the Spring 2023 eight-week semesters and you can still earn 12 credit hours without splitting your focus four ways at one time. 

The Spring 2023 eight-week semesters are Jan. 17-March 18 and March 20-May13. To identify the beginning and ending dates of the term, click on the “Meeting Times” column in the course schedule webpage.