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Evacuation Response

 Warning and notification

A CougarAlert will be sent once the National Weather Service issues a WARNING that impacts a campus or center. Go here to sign up for CougarAlerts.

 Life Saving Actions

  • Immediately leave the building - Do not worry about personal possessions
  • Cover your nose and mouth
  • Feel a door with the back of your hand for heat before opening it
  • Do not use the elevator
  • Pull the fire alarm (if available)
  • Go a minimum of 300 feet from the facility or where directed by campus personnel
  • Follow the instructions provided by campus personnel
  • Do not reenter the facility until directed to - even if the alarm is silenced

Special considerations

  • If mobility impaired, then go to an area of refuge
  • If trapped on an upper floor, put something in the window to attract attention and attempt to seal the bottom of the doors
  • If trapped under debris, refrain from yelling or moving unless you are sure someone can hear you