Course Description
Pronunciation & Speaking, Beginning
This class introduces the phonetic alphabet and focuses on the identification and production of the sounds of English.

Pronunciation & Speaking, Intermediate
This class is designed to help intermediate English language learners move toward more comprehensible speech.

Pronunciation & Speaking, Advanced
This class is designed to further enhanced speech in English language learners. Students are introduced to common contractions, reductions, and the effects of specific phonetic environments.

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AL-Allen Center
CHEC-Collin Higher Education Center
CC-Central Park Campus
CY-Courtyard Center
PC-Preston Ridge Campus
SC-Spring Creek Campus


ESL Course Offerings

Fall 2017 All Campuses
Fall 2017 CYC
Fall 2017 PRC
Fall 2017 CPC
Fall 2017 CHEC

Beginning Syllabus
Intermediate Syllabus
Advanced Syllabus


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