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Learn how to grow edible plants from start to finish in your landscape using organic methods. Learn the secrets to a better harvest using a planting calendar, placeing the garden beds in ideal locations and soil preparations. Save money by starting your plants from seeds. Learn how and when to harvest.
Instructor Biography
Carrie Dubberly is the creative force behind Dubberly Landscape. She is a degreed Horticulturist, teacher, writer, and speaker.

Carrie began life as an artist. With a green thumb and an eye for natural beauty, she received her Horticulture degree from Colorado State University in 1987.

For the past 20 years she has found her passion in sustainable landscaping that marries her artistic expression with her love of nature. Carrie was one of the first local landscapers to offer native and well-adapted plants. Since 1995, Carrie's mission has been to create beautiful, ecological outdoor living environments and native landscape solutions.
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Course Syllabus
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