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Health Career Success

Health Career Success will prepare students to enter the healthcare workforce.  The course includes components such as resume building, interview skills, appropriate attire, office politics, and professional etiquette.

This 24-hour course will help students in the following areas.

  • Identify factors that demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Explain the purpose of performance evaluations
  • Explain how character, personal values, and priorities define a person
  • Explain the role of respect, good manners, and courtesy in the workplace
  • Describe good customer service
  • Describe how grammar and vocabulary impact the professional image
  • Describe important factors in participating in a job interview
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Create a professional resume and cover letter
  • Understand the meaning of transferrable skills

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PLEASE NOTE***This course is offered through Canvas, using a different mechanism than most online courses. On the first day of class, you will receive an email with instructions to access it. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you wait for the email and follow the instructions carefully. Email us at if you have any questions.