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Patient Care Technician Certificate Series

Patient Care Technicians traditionally work in hospitals performing patient care activities delegated and supervised by the professional staff.

  • Assist patients with activities of daily living
  • Patient mobility utilizing appropriate safety measures to prevent patient and self injury
  • Patient meals and nourishment are offered, administered, and recorded in a timely manner
  • Assist nursing staff with admission, discharge, transfer, and transport of patients
  • Obtain and record patients' vital signs, heights, weights, intake and output, diabetic fingersticks, and report results and observations
  • Respond effectively in emergencies and assist in prevention of patient injury
  • Initiate CPR when appropriate
  • Utilize side rails and restraints to prevent patient injury
  • Report to professional staff regarding patients who are at increased risk for injury
  • Collect, appropriately label, and deliver lab specimens to the lab in a timely manner, utilizing appropriate safety measures to prevent patient and staff injury
  • Communicate results of selected tests to professional staff in a timely manner
  • Conform to safety standards dictated by regulatory agencies (follow safety manuals, MSD sheets, OSHA issues, etc.)

Certification Information

Students who successfully complete all courses are eligible for the Patient Care Technician exam provided by the National Healthcareer Association.  

Courses in the Certificate Series 

The Patient Care Technician Certificate is one of the many Linked certificates available at Collin College. Taught by credit professors, Linked courses mix credit and non-credit (CE) students in the same learning environment, ensuring the same rigorous standards are met in your education. CE students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) instead of college credits. CE students complete a quick admission process and follow CE tuition refund guidelines.

Nurse Aide for Health Care (NURA 1001)
Clinical-Nursing Assistant (NURA 1060)
Electrocardiography (DSAE 1040)
Phlebotomy (PLAB 1023)
Patient Care Technician (NUPC 1020)
Clinical-Patient Care Assistant (NUPC 1060) - optional

Steps to Enroll:

The Pre-Admission application for PCT is available on the Health Professions page. You will complete the application, and follow all other instructions as listed. After submitting the application, you will be contacted with enrollment instructions.