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Radiology Training (NCT)

The courses included in the Radiology Training Non-Certified Technician (NCT) certificate program provides students an overview of the historical development of radiography, basic radiation protection, an introduction to medical terminology, ethical and legal issues for health care professionals, and an orientation to the profession and the health care system.  Also included is instruction on anatomic relationships present under various sectional orientations and the scientific process of radiographic image evaluation. 
This 120-contact hour radiology training is designed for Certified Medical Assistants, Certified Nurse Aides, and anyone who has been involved in direct patient care for at least 6 months.
As an NCT, individuals are prohibited from performing radiologic procedures which have been identified as dangerous or hazardous in accordance with §194.17 of the Texas Administrative Code unless they become an LMRT, MRT or a practitioner. 
This course is not offered at this time.

 This course is not offered at this time.

  1. Radiology Pre-Admission Application Packet
    The Radiology Pre-Admission Application Packet is required to be completed in full before a student will be considered for the radiology program.  Submit the completed application and all accompanying documents to the CE Health Sciences Department.  Submission can be done in several ways.
    Scan and email documents to
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This course is not offered at this time.

Courtyard Center

After successful completion of the radiology training courses, students will be eligible for placement on the Texas Medical Board Non-Certified Technician Registry.  Students will need to fill out the application form and pay the $60 registry fee.  Fingerprinting is required for this credentialing.  The board-issued 6-digit ID is MB-777777.  Students will also need to pass the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam. The fee for that exam is $34 per attempt. More information is available at 

Radiology Training (NCT) is not offered at this time.


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