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Clinical Site Application

Becoming a clinical site

Collin College seeks clinical sites that meet the criteria to mentor and host healthcare students. Due to the extreme number of requests from clinics for students, we only take applications to become a clinical site. No contracts will be forwarded to applicants that do not meet the criteria below or until a student has chosen your clinic. Students will not receive credits toward their hours in non-contracted clinics.

Our goal is to create externship clinical partners who provide a solid learning experience for our students.  Applying for clinical site affiliation is not a guarantee to place students in your clinic.

Clinical sites who meet the criteria and wish to be considered for affiliation should, fill out the clinical site application and email it to . Once we verify your clinic is a candidate for affiliation by meeting the criteria listed below we will place you on an open site list. 

Clinical Site Requirements for Affiliation

  • Practice and physicians must be in good standing with the Texas Medical Board.
  • Practice or business entity can be validated through a federal data base.
    • Maintenance of a positive, respectful, and adequately resourced learning environment so that sound educational experiences occur.
    • Maintain the authority and responsibility for patient care and quality standards and maintenance of a level of care that meets generally accepted standards and are conducive to satisfactory instruction.
    • Follow up of infectious exposure or environmental hazards or other occupational injuries sustained to a student.  
    • Validate student clock hours reported on time sheets with a signature of the preceptor.
    • Check skills practiced on the student skills competency checklist as the student acquires them.
    • Complete a final skills competency checklist evaluation with comments on student performance. 
  • Host site criteria that MUST be met:
    • Willing to host at least 3 and up to 10 students annually.
    • Willing to provide an educational experience under the guide of an experienced preceptor first and foremost vs. an urgent need to fill staffing shortages. 
    • Provide a student orientation and review in order to understand the students' current skill level, in order to appropriately meet their educational needs.
    • Teach, coach, and communicate expectations, as students are not seasoned job applicants.
    • Assure that students are not working alone and/or have the opportunity to shadow preceptors for the first several shifts.
    • Provide a preceptor during externship hours, who is an employee of the clinical site, to give guidance to students.
      • Preceptors can be more than one person but must be distinguished by the student coordinator. 
      • Students mentoring students on the same level is not acceptable. 
    • Provide access to appropriate resources and experiences for educational purposes.
    • Provide the student opportunities and guidance to observe, perform or discuss practical skills on the competency checklist (if required)
    • Must fulfill a geographic or specialty need as determined by Collin College. 
  • Criteria must be met in order to become a clinical site affiliated with the Collin College Healthcare Externship Program.