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Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers

For presentation at The 10th anniversary Collin College Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference. April 24, 2018. Plano Campus. 2800 East Spring Creek Parkway Plano, Texas 75074

THEME: Research across the Disciplines

  • Including Research Papers, Literature Reviews, Research Manuscripts, Research Reports, Service Learning Research, Scientific Experiment Research, Exploratory Research, etc.


OPEN TO: Undergraduate students at both 2-year and 4-year institutions. Students who complete their undergraduate degree in Dec. 2018 are eligible for conference consideration.

Prizes & recognition awarded for Top Paper in 2 categories!    

*4-year University students                  

*2-year College students                                             

Only completed research will be considered for Top Paper Awards

  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 10, 2019  



  • Panel Presentation (speakers present to an audience. Ends with Q & A) 
    • Individual (accepted students are placed in an existing panel based on research subject)
    • Collaborative (accepted collaborative works are placed in a panel together)
    • Collin College Health Science Academy (Only students enrolled in the Collin College Health Science Academy present in this format)
  • Roundtable (accepted student(s) lead the audience through an interactive discussion of their research)
  • Performance (accepted student(s) present their research to an audience in the form of a rehearsed performance)
  • Poster boards (accepted student(s) present their research to hallway passersby in the form of designed poster boards. This is similar in style to a Science Fair presentation)

*Researchers who do not indicate which presentation style they prefer will be placed in a panel


FACULTY-SPONSORED PANELS: Due to the amount of exceptional research submitted, faculty-sponsored panels will now be evaluated competitively like all other submissions.         
Such panel submissions must be submitted by the sponsoring faculty member, using their college e-mail address. All papers within the panel should be attached. 


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 10, 2019                                                                

While complete research is given precedence, students may also submit partially-complete work or abstracts of future work.  Abstract submissions must contain a working bibliography and corresponding citations.   



1) Send an e-mail to and attach your research 

2) Type the title of your paper in the subject line

3) Again, please remember to attach your research to the e-mail

4) In the e-mail body, include the following information:

 - I am from a 2-year school. I am from a  4-year school (pick one)

 - The name of my current school is _____________________________________

 - I am submitting my own, singular work. I am submitting as part of a larger group (pick one)

NOTE: If you are submitting as part of a group, attach all papers to this one e-mail. You are the representative/primary contact for this group. In order to make certain all group members are in the know, however, you should make certain to CC all group members in the submission e-mail.  If you are submitting as a single individual, simply attach your own paper. 

 - I want to present as part of a PANEL, a ROUNDTABLE, a POSTER BOARD, or a PERFORMANCE (pick one)

 - By submitting this research, I agree to have it published online on Collin's Digital Commons platform at the conclusion of the conference. 

- If accepted, I agree that I will be in attendance at the designated time to present my work on April 24, 2019. 

Do not forget to attach your research to the e-mail 

Please use an email account you check regularly. 


QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact Conference Coordinator, Jenny Warren, at any time at