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Application Requirements for Paramedic

You must be a minimum of 18 years old by the first day of class to apply for the Paramedic classes.
You must first apply to and be accepted by Collin College in order to take this EMS Paramedic class. Go to and select "APPLY."

(If you are a current Collin College student or have been a student in the past, make sure you are active in the system and may register in the designated class semester.)
1.    Complete the Collin College Application and provide the college with all the required documents.  (You will receive an email with a list of required documents for the college after your Collin College application is accepted.)

2.    Make sure you select the box for Pre-Professional in the Intended Academic Goal section. Then, select EMS Paramedic for your Major-Certificate.

3.    Meningitis Vaccination Requirement: Texas State Law requires most new students under the age of 22 entering a higher education institution to show proof of having the vaccine 10 days prior to the start of the term. For more information on this requirement, visit  Note: The meningitis vaccination is required by Collin College as part of admission to the college.
4. ASSESSMENT TESTING: The EMS Education Program is a limited admissions program and results from the Accuplacer test will be used to make program admissions decisions. Therefore, civilian students, regardless of degrees and/or academic standing, must complete an Entrance Assessment Exam for EMS writing, reading and arithmetic. This test is specifically designed for our EMT Education Program and is not the same as the college entrance exams. You may take this test two times per semester. This test is valid for 12 months for our application purposes.  NOTE: Fire department and DHS sponsored students are exempt from this requirement. 

To sign up for this exam, call the McKinney campus testing center at 972-548-6849. This exam is an
in-person exam in room A-206.  * * * Upload ONLY your test results * * * Upload all pages at once.

If you feel you require special accommodations for the AccuPlacer entrance exam for our EMT program, please apply to our ACCESS office prior to scheduling your AccuPlacer.  You may reach the ACCESS office at:  You must have approval for your accommodations prior to making application to our program which includes sitting for the AccuPlacer exam.  

TSI Testing: You will not need to take the TSI Assessment if you are only taking our Paramedic class. You must take the TSI Assessment if you are taking other courses.
CWID Number: If you need a Campus Wide Identification Number (CWID): Go to the Office of Admissions for assistance.

You must complete the Paramedic application and meet the following application requirements:
Mandatory Personal interviews: The Office of Emergency Medical Services conducts a personal interview for all applicants. Your interview is scheduled once your EMS application is 100% complete and submitted. (Incomplete applications are not accepted.)
Note: Current fire department sponsored students are exempt from this requirement.
NREMT or Texas EMT Certification: Submit a copy of your national or state certification OR the date of your upcoming NREMT exam.
Note: This is a requirement for all applicants, including fire department sponsored employees.
The following is not required for your application; however, please be aware of these all-important requirements for all students in order to go to clinicals. We suggest that you begin preparing your documents to verify these requirements now since some immunizations take several months to complete.

Clinical Readiness Requirements: Once accepted into the Paramedic class, all students must meet all requirements for immunizations, personal health care coverage and the specific CPR certification prior to clinical rotations. Please select the following link for details.
You will be given instructions and a deadline in class when to upload these documents into a secure medical tracking database. These requirements are for all students, no exceptions.