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ESL Program Description and Services

Program OverviewCollin Enterance

At Collin College, you will master a variety of English skills and understand American culture, necessary for academic, professional, and personal success.

Classes at the Plano (Spring Creek) Campus are taught by experienced instructors who provide you with an open and friendly environment that helps academic learning and personal growth. ESL instructors will also help you develop study skills and connections with people and resources in the community.

Our program has three levels of mastery:

  • Transitioning (level 3)
  • Advanced (level 2)
  • Intermediate (level 1)

Each level is a semester long (16 weeks) and can be taken during Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. We have a variety of classes which can be taken for credit or noncredit for each of the primary language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, and Grammar. In addition, specialized courses, such as Vocabulary and Idioms, may also be available.

For a list of course descriptions, please click here: Course Descriptions Button

 If you plan to take ESL classes at Collin College in Plano on an F-1 student visa, you will typically attend 18 hours of classes per week. If you plan to take ESL classes at Collin College with a visa status other than F-1, there are flexible class options to meet your needs, and you may study as many as 18 credit hours or as few as 3 hours per week. Regardless of your visa status, students studying ESL here will also have a variety of opportunities to practice English outside of class (see “Special Services” below).


Placement Test

ESL Assessments are back in the Testing Centers for in-person testing.  Please contact one of the Testing Centers to schedule a time to take the ESL Assessments.

If you want to enroll in ESL classes, you must take the ESL Assessment Test to determine your level before you register. Complete the Admission Application to Collin College using this link

When you receive your CWID, call the Testing Center at one of the Collin College campuses to schedule a time and day to take the ESL Assessment in the Testing Center. After you finish the test in the Testing Center, email Mary South to schedule the English Speaking Test via Zoom.

The ESL Assessment Test is free and takes about 2 hours to complete; however, the test must be started at least four hours before the Testing Center closes each day.

The ESL Assessment Test has three separate parts:

  • A handwritten essay on a given topic.
  • A Reading, Listening, and Grammar assessment on the computer.
  • An Oral Assessment arranged with the ESL Testing Coordinator. This assessment might be at a different time or day than the essay and computer assessments.

If you want to take the ESL Assessment Test or if you need more information, please contact the ESL Testing Coordinator, Mary South, at or come to room B-189.


Program ProgressionStudent Graduation

While in the ESL program, you must attend classes and complete homework assignments to remain in good standing. Advancement is determined by your in-class grades and the recommendations of the instructors.

Upon completing the ESL program, some students choose to continue with a degree program at Collin College, while others transfer to other institutions, return home, or seek careers that require a high level of English language skill. Whatever your goals might be, we are confident you will leave Collin College satisfied with your growth in English.


 Special Services

 We offer a variety of services to help you adjust to life at Collin College.

 1.    Welcome and Orientation – Our welcome and orientation includes a language placement test, review of policies, arrangement of a tour of the campus, and an introduction to campus life and culture.

2.    Housing – The International Student Office can assist you with housing on campus as well as searching resources for off campus housing.Conversation Partners

3.    Conversation Partners Program – We can match you with other Collin College students to learn about culture and practice speaking English. The program is arranged for 10 weeks, but students often make lasting friendships.

4.    Tutors – Free tutoring is available through the Writing Center, and they can help you outside of class to improve your English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking depending on the classes you are taking. You may also receive tutoring for other areas like math and science.

5.    Admission Assistance – The International Student Office will help you apply for admission to a degree program at Collin College. They can also help you to transfer to other institutions to reach your  goals.

6.    College Facilities – You can use school facilities such as computer labs, sports facilities, music practice rooms, and more.

7.    Immigration Issue Help – The International Student Office will be happy to help you with passport and visa questions.Earth Day Event

8.    Special Events – Collin College has several activities every semester including concerts, interactive parties and social events, discussions with guest speakers, movies, special performances, and more. Some events may require a fee.

9.    College Clubs – Collin College has over 60 student organizations, which promote cultural, academic, and professional interests. Membership into most organizations is free and helps you develop social and leadership skills.