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Mission: The Collin College Health Sciences Academy works in collaboration with Plano Independent School District and the community to provide a learning environment that promotes professionalism while cultivating interest and enthusiasm in the healthcare field.

Vision: To pursue academic excellence, integrity and experience, while preserving the core values of human dignity. By personal accountability and example, students may lead and inspire their peers to comprehend and acquire attributes vital to the development of successful health care professionals.

Collin College Health Sciences Academy (HSA) provides students, who are interested in health-related careers, a foundation of knowledge and skills while attending college courses. The rigorous program offers the opportunity to earn certifications necessary to enter the health care work force after high school.  

Current Curriculum Pathways:

 (subject to change based on market demand and clinical availability)


Admission Requirements:

 Students must apply to Plano Independent School District Health Sciences Academy during their 8th grade year.  Please see school counselor or PISD HSA Director for specific details on process.

Students must apply to Collin College during their 9th grade year.  Students complete the entire admissions, testing, and registration process at Collin College. A photo ID is required for all transactions on campus. Start the process by visiting with your high school counselor to discuss eligibility and class schedule. For specifics, see Dual Credit.


Functional Abilities / Core Performance Standards Statement
After initial acceptance to this program, all students are required to meet specific functional abilities, with or without accommodations, for successful completion of the program, and to function safely and effectively in the variety of professional settings. The specific functional requirements are found in the Functional Abilities / Core Performance Standards documents provided in the program information packet and on the Health Sciences Academy website. Students who think they may not be able to meet the functional standards and need accommodation are encouraged to contact the college ACCESS department as soon as this program is of interest.

Clinical Requirements:
• Provide proof of personal health insurance prior to clinical rotations.
• Complete and provide written proof of a negative TB skin test or clear chest x-ray post conversion dated prior to the beginning of clinical rotations.
• Complete and provide written proof of all immunizations recommended by the Department of State Health Services prior to registration of your clinical semester.
• Influenza Vaccine – once a year, seasonally (see instructor for questions)
• Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis – primary series or booster within the last 10 years
• MMR – two (2) doses
• Varicella – two (2) doses or documented age-appropriate vaccination or physician report of evidence of disease (chicken pox)
• Hepatitis B* – three (3) dose series, the second dose should be administered one month after the first dose; the third dose should be given at least two months after the second dose (and at least four months after the first dose) OR Combined Hepatitis A and B – three (3) doses, the second dose should be administered one month after the first dose; the third dose should be given at six months
Required if you did not receive combined vaccine:
• Hepatitis A* – two (2) doses, the second dose should be administered 6 – 18 months after the first dose

* It is important to note that one of the required vaccinations, Hepatitis A and B, consists of a series, which can take up to 7 months to complete. Individuals unable to receive the HBV must inform the Program Director.