All campuses are open and ready to serve students virtually, hybrid, or in person.

Registration Deadline

“The day before the last seat fills.”  We are presently limited to accepting the first 12 students that enroll. If you are waiting for documents from other entities or a check from financial aid… that is your option. Financial Aid is a “reimbursement” system and rarely pays your tuition by the deadline. As such you will need to pay your tuition out of pocket while you wait for your Financial Aid reimbursement check.

Once 12 students enroll…. we will not be adding additional students. This is a very hands-on training and we only have equipment for 12 students. In an academic course it would just require another chair in the classroom, but in HVAC it requires another 4 stations in the lab to add a student… we simply cannot take more than 12 students.

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