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  Dr. Betsy Brody     Dr. Millie Black



Dr. Betsy Brody
Plano Campus, L260
Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Millie D. Black
Wylie Campus, SC335

Dr. Jessica Hargis     Dr. Sonia Iwanek    



Dr. Jessica Hargis
Frisco Campus, J217
    Prof. Sonia Iwanek, Discipline Lead
Frisco Campus, F238
    Prof. Julie Hershenberg
Plano Campus, H253
 Dr. Tiffany Cartwright    

Will Geisler


Dr. Rosalinda Valenzuela

Dr. Tiffany Cartwright
Technical Campus


Prof. Will Geisler
McKinney Campus, LA2010


Dr. Rosalinda Valenzuela
Plano Campus, H221

 Lynn Jones      Dr. Michael McConachie      Nick Morgan

Dr. Lynn Jones
Plano Campus, L208 


Dr. Michael McConachie
Plano Campus, D110


Prof. Nick Morgan
Frisco Campus, U147

Bryan Rasmussen

    Professor Ryan Rynbrandt     Prof Zack Shipley

Prof. Bryan Rasmussen
Frisco Campus, J216


Prof. Ryan Rynbrandt
Plano Campus, L268 


Prof. Zack Shipley
Plano Campus, B235

 Dr. Debra St. John    

Prof Brian White

     Tyler Young

Dr. Debra St. John
Frisco Campus, L231 


Dr. Brian White
McKinney Campus, D206


Prof. Tyler Young
McKinney Campus,


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Dr. Tiffiny Vincent
Plano Campus, H219 


Dr. Patrick Larue
Frisco Campus, F115  





Prof. Benjamin Copeland, Mock Trial Head Coach
Plano Campus, H206


Dr. Brian Blanchard
Plano Campus, D108


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