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The following services are offered, free of charge, to current and former students:

Release of Student's Records

Collin will release information from a student's educational record only with prior consent of the student. Consent can be updated by logging into your CougarWeb account. See FERPA.

If you are not a current student, you can change your release authorizations by sending an email to Exceptions to right to consent are published in the college catalog.

Verification of Enrollment

Students requesting enrollment verifications for insurance or other purposes should fill out the "Verification of Enrollment" form at any of our Student Enrollment and Services Offices or you can download a form from the Admission Forms section of our web site.

Verifications of enrollment cannot be certified until after the census date for each term. Student classification is based on the student's status at the time of request.  Each change in status will be reflected on the form with beginning date, ending date, number of hours and status.  

National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Enrollment Verification (online)

This program (accessed through the student portal CougarWeb) allows students the ability and ease to instantly obtain enrollment verification information from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Students can:

  • Print a certificate of enrollment that can be forwarded to a health insurer, housing provider, credit issuer, employment agency, or other student services providers.
  • View enrollment information that may have been provided to a student service provider.
  • View electronic notifications and deferment forms that have been sent to lenders, service providers, and guarantors.
  • View a list of their lenders and link to real-time student loan information detail, such as outstanding principal balance and the next payment due date that some lenders provide.

Change of Name/Change of Address / Change of Social Security Number
Changes of name, address, social security numbers, etc., must be reported promptly to the Student Enrollment and Services Office. Current address information enables students to receive registration and other information from college departments and programs.

  • Changes of address affecting residency classification should be promptly reported, along with documentation of current address.
  • Name and social security number changes require a photocopy of the student's social security card.
  • Contact the Student Enrollment and Services Office for further information.  The Master Record Change form is available in the Admissions Forms section of this website.

Request for Degree Plan / Certificate / Change of Major

To request a change in your degree program and/or have transcripts evaluated, login to CougarWeb. Under Student Quick Links, select "Request Change of Major."

  • Student must be currently admitted to Collin
  • All official transcripts from each college or university attended must be on file
  • Student must specify the catalog year for the degree or certificate requested


Petition for Degree / Certificate

Candidates for an Associate degree or Certificate should submit a petition for graduation by the deadline established for that semester.

To Apply to Graduate, login to CougarWeb. Under Student Quick Links, select "Apply to Graduate."


Students may complete a "Petition for Degree / Certificate" at any of our Student Enrollment and Services offices or you can download a form from the Admission Forms section of our web site.

Please print, complete form and fax to 972.377.1723.

Class Schedule Printout

Students needing a printout of their schedule of classes should bring a photo ID to the Student Enrollment and Services Office.  Written authorization by the student must be provided to release a class schedule to another person.

 CougarWeb is the student portal.

Current students will sign on using their current CougarWeb username (which is the first part of their Collin email address, i.e. jsmith138). The password is the last six digits of the Campus Wide ID (CWID).

If you do not have your username and/or password, you may email Requests should include the student's full legal name and date of birth.

New students to Collin will automatically get an email from the Student Enrollment and Services Office that provides the following information:
   CougarWeb username
   CougarWeb password
   Collin email address
   Campus Wide ID (CWID)


The Student Enrollment and Services Office is responsible for protecting the student's records. Therefore, the Student Enrollment and Services Office will not issue CWIDs or CougarWeb usernames by telephone or fax.

Senior Citizen's Waiver

Effective Spring 2011, only Texas residents who reach 65 years of age prior to the census date of the term are eligible for a tuition waiver. Proof of date of birth is required. Contact the Student Enrollment and Services Office for more information: 972.881.5710.