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Special Admissions
Special Admissions

The following categories are considered special admits:

  • International students holding F1 visas

Students holding F1 visas or students seeking admission who are out of the country wishing to enter on an F1 visa, please visit the  International Students website..

  • High school students requesting admission to the concurrent/ dual credit high school program

Please visit the Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment website at

  • Students under 18 years of age without U.S. high school diploma or equivalent (GED) and no longer involved in a high school program

Please contact the Special Admissions Coordinator at the campus closest to you.

  • Home school students under the age of 18

Please refer to the Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment website at


See the college catalog for policies. 


Students on Academic Warning/Probation

Students ineligible to enroll at Collin due to academic suspension must petition for re-enrollment. An interview with an academic advisor will be required in order to enroll in classes.
Please call 972.548.6782 (CPC), 972.377.1779 (PRC), or 972.881.5782 (SCC) for more information.

Registration deadlines: Last Day for Warning/Probation  students for the upcoming semesters follow:

Spring 2017                  January 13, 2017                  

Single Summer Term 2017
3-week May                     May 12, 2017
5-week June                    June 2, 2017
5-week July                     June 2, 2017
Full 10-week term            June 2, 2017

Fall 2017                        August 25, 2017