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Orientation Frequently Asked Questions-Agenda

 On-Campus/Virtual Event Agenda
Event lasts 2hours
Topics & Presentations

  • Welcome & Orientation Leader introductions
  • Welcome to Collin College Orientation
  • Collin College Overview
  • Academic Advising
  • CougarWeb-Learn about Collin’s Online Student Platform
  • District Dean of Students Office
  • Faculty Round-table-Meet and talk with faculty and learn their tips for success
  • Campus Tour (optional, after the session)
    For more questions about new student orientation, please email .

Orientation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
Currently New Student Orientation sessions (on-campus/virtual) and Online Orientation are ways to complete the Mandatory Orientation Hold.

Is New Student Orientation mandatory?
All First Time in College (FTIC) students at Collin College are required to complete New Student Orientation prior to registering for classes.
All new students (non-FTIC) can complete New Student Orientation, (on-campus/virtual or online), but not required to complete.

How much does New Student Orientation cost?
It is FREE! Students sign-up to attend the On-campus or Virtual New Student Orientation sessions through our Eventbrite website.

How long is each New Student Orientation session?
Each New Student Orientation (on-campus/virtual) session lasts two hours. Students are required to attend the entire session to ensure completion. Students completing the Online Orientation are able to complete this on their own schedule, but are required to complete the entire session to receive credit (the on-campus or virtual New Student Orientation sessions require your complete attendance.  The Online Orientation option that can be done as your schedule permits, but must be fully completed to have the hold removed).

Where will New Student Orientation sessions be held?
New Student Orientations will be held on-campus in the conference centers on four campuses (Frisco Campus, McKinney Campus (@ Pike Hall-C106 due to space available) , Plano Campus, & Wylie Campus) and in Room B106 at the Technical Campus. Virtual sessions are held via Zoom.

What if I am unable to attend one of the New Student Orientation (on-campus or virtual) sessions?”
Collin College offers an Online Orientation option in CougarWeb (our student platform: for those who are unable to attend a New Student Orientation (on-campus or virtual) session. You can find sign-up information on the New Student Orientation Registration website: 

What is the difference between a Virtual New Student Orientation session and
Online Orientation?

Virtual New Student Orientation Sessions are held at a set time and date with a live group of attendees, staff, and faculty via Zoom. This Virtual New Student Orientation session allows students to ask questions in real time, meet faculty, and engage directly with other new Collin College Students. This is a set orientation time where students must remain on the call for the duration of the event.
Online Orientation is an online module that can be completed on CougarWeb. To complete Online Orientation, student should log in to Cougar Web, open the Student tab, click "Mandatory Training and Hold Information" and click "Mandatory Orientation Online."
This module will review the same material that is covered in the New Student Orientation (on-campus/virtual) sessions and can be completed at your own pace before registration.

Can I attend a New Student Orientation at a different campus than where I am planning on taking classes?
Yes, you can attend New Student Orientation on any of the campuses or virtual, when scheduled. The information is the same except for the campus tour portion.

What topics will be covered during New Student Orientation?
We will have presentations such as a Collin College overview, Academic Advising and Registration, CougarWeb tutorial, the District Dean of Students Office, and a faculty round-table.

Will I be meeting with an academic advisor and registering for classes during New Student Orientation?
There will be an Academic Advisor(s) at each on-campus New Student Orientation session and an opportunity to register for courses (if eligible for registration) after the On-Campus New Student Orientation session.

Are the Admissions, Financial Aid, or Academic Advising offices open during New Student Orientation?
All of the offices are available before or after New Student Orientation (except for virtual sessions,  weekend events, and some evening events). New Student Orientation is not a come-and-go event.

Can I drop off my meningitis vaccination records or transcripts at New Student Orientation?
You can drop off these documents to the Admissions Office before or after the New Student Orientation session when their offices are open.  You can also submit your vaccination records through Med+Proctor.

Will I get my student ID at New Student Orientation?
Student ID Cards are available at the Office of Student Engagement to students after registering for courses and allowing at least 24 hours after enrolling in courses to have their ID Card made. Students who are primarily taking courses online can request their Student ID online through Collin College’s Student Involvement Platform, Cougar Connect ( . Students will need to log in using their Collin College login information and complete the “Online Student ID Form” that can be found in the forms tab. Once a student has met all of the requirements, the ID will be mailed directly to the student.

Will there be food served at New Student Orientation?
Food will not be provided during the sessions.

What do I need to bring to New Student Orientation?
Bring your event ticket for the New Student Orientation sessions and a willingness to learn about all that Collin College has to offer.

Can my parents/guest attend New Student Orientation?
Parents & Guests over 18 years old may attend a New Student Orientation, but do not need to register for the event. They will sit separately from the student throughout the event and will be admitted into the orientation, if space allows. Collin College offers a Parent & Family Online Orientation by clicking Parent & Family Orientation link

Can children attend New Student Orientation?
It is against Collin College policy for students, parents, or guests to bring children under the age of 18 to new student orientation or to class. The exception is if the child under 18 is registering for courses at Collin College in the next term.

Will I be able to take the Texas Success Initiatives (TSI) Assessment during New Student Orientation?
We encourage you to complete the TSI assessment before attending New Student Orientation session. The test may last up to 5 hours.

Will I meet with faculty members during New Student Orientation?
Faculty will participate in our round-table sessions where they will provide student success tips, as well as answer questions.

Will I meet with campus resources or student organizations during New Student Orientation?
There will be an opportunity to connect with campus resources and student organizations 30-minutes prior to each On-Campus New Student Orientation session.

Where do I park for new student orientation and what will it cost?
Parking at Collin College is FREE. We encourage attendees of our On-Campus New Student Orientation sessions to park as close to the Conference Center as possible (just follow the signs on campus).  Go to Directions for the specific directions for each campus.  After you register for courses, you can obtain your Student ID Card and FREE parking permit at the Office of Student Engagement. 

If you have questions that are not addressed through this document, please contact us at or 972-881-5788.