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Academic standing

Academic Standing Definitions: 

Good Standing: Indicates a student has earned a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher. 

Academic Progress: Indicates a student has earned a term/semester GPA of at least a 2.0. 

Academic Warning: This occurs immediately following the first semester a student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. No holds are placed on a student’s account and they are still allowed to take up to 18 credit hours; however, it is recommended that students meet with an advisor to discuss how to get their GPA back to Good Standing. 

Academic Probation: This occurs immediately following Academic Warning if a student does not raise their cumulative GPA back to a 2.0 minimum. A hold is placed on the student’s account requiring them to meet with an advisor. Students on Academic Probation are limited to 13 credit hours max. Students who make Academic Progress, will remain on Academic Probation until their cumulative GPA reaches a 2.0 and they are back in Good Standing. 

Academic Suspension: This occurs when students on Academic Probation do not maintain Academic Progress. Students on Academic Suspension are required to sit out for one semester and a hold is placed on their account. Once a student returns from Academic Suspension, their standing will go back to Academic Probation until their cumulative GPA reaches a 2.0. To avoid future suspension, students need to maintain Academic Progress. 

Students have the ability to appeal their suspension; however, it is not guaranteed that an appeal will be approved. Appeals are heard by a committee consisting of faculty and staff. Grades from all semesters are considered in the decision as well as the appeal reason and documentation. Appeals are only reviewed during the period between the end of the semester you are suspended and the beginning of the following semester – they are not considered prior to the full 16-week semester ending. Students whose appeal is denied or do not appeal at all, will be dropped from all classes they are registered for in the upcoming semester. The link to appeal Academic Suspension is below.

The deadline to appeal the Summer 2022 term has passed.

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