Online Registration

Fall 2018 Registration going on now!

Academic Term Dates

Fall 2018                                      August 27 to December 16, 2018

Online Registration Schedule

CougarWeb registration is based on completed Collin College credit hours.  You can access this information on your unofficial transcript through CougarWeb.

-->Students with a 3.5 or higher GPA who enroll in at least one Honors course, receive priority registration: meaning you are eligible to begin registering for classes on the first day of the priority registration schedule (listed below). 

Please refer to the following chart to see when you can begin to register:               


Hours at Collin   Registration Start Date
(currently enrolled hours
do not count)
50 hours and above       April 17
30 hours and above   April 18
1 hour and above    April 19
Open for All   June 5*
Other important Dates    
Early registration payment deadline   July 25**
Last day for Warning, Probation students to register   August 24
Registration Hard Stop for 16 week classes   August 30

*June 5 will be open to all current, returning, and new students

**After the payment deadline date, payment must be made at the time of registration.  These dates are provided  for information purposes only before the official registration guide is available.  The Admissions and Records Office  reserves the right to make changes or deletions at any time without notice.  In the event of a discrepancy between the dates on this page and the dates in the registration guide,  the student is responsible for verifying dates by contacting the Cashier and/or the  Admissions and Records Office.

Schedule Changes

During online registration, you may add and/or drop classes by accessing CougarWeb.

Students may add and/or drop classes using CougarWeb through the first four days of classes during a long semester and during the first day of summer or mini-semester terms.  For express and weekend courses, registration deadlines will vary. Please see an advisor for details.

Courses Without CRN Numbers

Courses that require permission to enroll do not have CRN numbers printed in the schedule.  Contact the appropriate department to obtain the call number or written authorization to enroll.

Help Lines

Campus                                       Telephone

McKinney and Allen [CPC]          972.548.6744
Plano & Rockwall [SCC]              972.881.5744
Frisco [PRC]                                972.377.1744