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Wellness Program Participation Guidelines


The purpose of the college’s Wellness Leave is to provide an incentive as well as time to participate in wellness programs.  Full-time faculty and staff may participate in any of the college’s sports or exercise programs and receive matched time for their exercise efforts. 

For every 30 minutes of exercise by a faculty/staff employee, the college will match 30 minutes of free exercise time, within the following limits:

  1. College-contributed time and employee-contributed time must be taken on the same day.
  2. For non-exempt, the employee's 30-minute break must be showing in TCP.
  3. Wellness time is limited to 30-minute intervals, up to three times weekly (one and one-half hours weekly maximum for college's contribution).
  4. Participants must check in and out at the campus fitness center desk. While College fitness centers are closed, copy when seeking approval for planned activities from your supervisor.
  5. College-contributed time should be discussed with and approved by supervisor, in advance. Wellness leave contributed by the college must be recorded in TCP for non-exempt employees.
  6. Fitness programs must be performed on Collin College campuses or centers.

If you need more information or have questions, contact Collin College HR at the Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC): Christina Canales at 972-599-3164 or Tara Rice 972-758-3849.